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What's being said about TF:

“Members of (D Maj Proc) and (ASC Contractor), identified in para I, provided expertise and technical assistance during the evaluation process of the submitted bidders' proposals. Their tremendous efforts have ensured the success of the bid evaluation process and future success of contracted services at 5 Wing Goose Bay.”

CD Stolz
D Air Sp
5 Wing Goose Bay
Canada National Defence

What's being said about SeeSOR.net:

“In addition the team began a series of cutting edge initiatives to include: The full implementation of the management software SeeSOR as a viable quality assurance tool. Glenn Cobb one of the Government’s contract Performance Assessment Representative (PAR) enthusiastically stated, “SeeSOR gives the government a contractors view of the contract.”

Stewart agreed. “We have done a terrific job as a team,” said Stewart. “This has been one of the best relationships, sharing ideas and making sure things go right.”'

Ben Miller
Lt. Cmdr.

ASC Group specializes in Quality Assurance of Service Contracts. Our software tools and expertise are valued by organizations and contractors for both pre-award proposal and evaluation, and post-award quality surveillance.

Our support services span the full spectrum of support required to manage the procurement and contract management requirements for the acquisition of complex service contracts. ASC provides innovative products, services and the necessary training to optimize the purchase and management of service contracts. ASC software improves all facets of the contract life-cycle from pricing and partnering to quality of services delivered.

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Collaborative contract monitoring tools for organizations that want to track the performance of their outsourced services or who want to improve their service level agreements.


TF! Contract Modeling
Bringing transparency to government contracting, line item by line item. TF! is an integrated, collaborative tool used by either service recipients, service providers or BOTH! It is for clients who wish to perform rapid, defensible bid evaluations and risk assessments.

Industry News

Priorities are Shifting in Contract Management
"Today, we see a major switch reflecting very different market conditions. Demand for deal-makers has taken a back seat and has switched the emphasis to those with post-award contract management skills."
-by Tim Cummins, CEO of IACCM
Article covers Post-Award resource/financial management (TF!) and Compliance (SeeSOR) concepts

OMB Memorandum Calls for Evidence-Based Effectiveness and Budgeting
Memorandum M-12-14 calls for agencies to demonstrate the use of evidence throughout their Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 budget submissions and calls on them to increase their use of technology and data in justifying programs.
Memorandum covers Evaluation (TF!) and Compliance (SeeSOR) concepts

Solutions for QA/QC

Seesor net logo.jpg
A web-based solution for contract monitoring and management. Learn more about SeeSOR.NET. For in-depth information and for current users, visit our support site.

ASC Contract Vehicles


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